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Search Engine Marketing

Probably the most popular way to make money online (though to be certain, not the only way to do it) is to engage in what is known as “search engine marketing.” In essence what this means is that you engage in SEO (search engine optimization) as your primary method marketing your website and products.

Building Links

This could include such things as building links to your own website on prominent sites in your niche (i.e. if you were in the personal finance field, you might look for links on Simply Money or Kiplinger’s Personal Finance) as well as in prominent general interest website (i.e. New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc.).

Other Places to Build Links

You can also use other kinds of websites for your search engine marketing efforts, including forums, wiki sites (where appropriate – don’t go advertising your new electric toothbrush on the Star Trek Wiki for example), social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and more.


Search Engine Marketing

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Mike Holmes reviewed 6 months ago

Overall 3 / 3

I have Mike do my SEO I've had such success I was able to cancel all my ads in the physical books saving me thousands in advertising a year. He keeps my business first page with all keywords. Two thumbs up!

We've known Michael for several years. He's always been prompt to reply, and very quick to service. The most recent problem we had with our system required him to reformat and solve a difficult problem. He returned a beautifully working system within 1 day. Fast worker, fair pricing. Thank you, Michael! ~ Dennis & Martha